Fee Schedule

Entry Fees

Fees Per Judge Day Fee*
Open, Amateur, Youth (Levels 2 & 3) $24.00 $288.00
Level 1 (Novice) Amateur, Youth $22.00 $264.00
NSBA Dual-Approved Classes - Per Judge (incl. $3 Sanc. Fee) $12.00 n/a
NSBA Futurity/Maturity Classes See Futurity Page
Amateur or Youth entering corresponding Open class** No charge
Novice entering corresponding Am., Youth, or Open class** No charge

Other Fees

Other Fees Cost
Office Fee (per horse, one-time fee) $35.00
AQHA Drug/Processing Fee (per horse, per judge) $6.00
Optional Individual Work Schooling Classes (per go) $25.00
Warm-Up Classes - HUS, W. Pl. (per horse, per ride) $10.00
Trail Obstacle Fee (all Trail entrants) $40.00
Late Fee (entries postmarked after 1/30/2019) $25.00
Stalls-any type (includes 4 shavings, 2 mats) $359.00
Late Fee (stalls not reserved and paid by 1/30/2019) $25.00 per stall

* Day fees are charged per triple-judged show, within the division (Open, Amateur, or Youth). In the Amateur and Youth divisions, the day fee is based on one horse/one rider. In the Open division, the day fee is based on the horse only. Once a rider/horse combination shows in four classes within the division, the rest of that combination's classes within the division are free. To illustrate, if a Youth or Amateur shows in seven classes (Showmanship, Halter, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, and Trail) undre all six judges, the cost without the day fee for those classes would be $1,008. With the day fee, the total for all classes is $576, a savings of $432!

** The "no charge" option requires that it is the same horse/rider combination as had shown in the original class. Unpaid entries (e.g., Level 1 entering the corresponding Amateur class for free) will not count towards circuit or high point awards, but will count for AQHA points and Incentive Fund as usual.