Stall Reservations

All stalls at South Point come with four bags of shavings and two mats per stall, regardless of whether it is a horse stall, tack stall, or feed stall. Most folks bed horse stalls with at least ten bags of shavings, so your extra shavings from the tack or feed stall can be used for your horses. The extra mats can be used in the aisles for grooming. Stalls are not guaranteed until fully paid. Stall preference is by sponsorship level, then by first-come, first served.

TRAINERS: Please please please send all of your stall reservations in together. Also, please send checks in the amounts of $359 or multiples thereof; it is not feasible for our secretary to dissect the internal bookkeeping for each barn!

Stalls: $275.00
Mats(2): $40.00
Shavings (4): $44.00
Total: $359.00

STALL RESERVATIONS ARE DUE Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Early Move-In
Tuesday, February 19, after 4:00 PM

Regular Move-In
Wednesday, February 20, after 8:00 AM

Latest Departure
Thursday, February 28, before 6:00 PM


For questions, contact

Jan Bruner
Mobile: 602-370-6979

Stall Mats and Shavings

This form should be used to pre-order extra shavings you need (in addition to the four bags that come with your stall). We must have this form completed and payment received by January 30, 2019 to place the requested shavings in your stalls. We cannot place extra shavings in stalls unless they are already paid. If information is missing shavings will not be placed by your stalls. The deadline for pre-ordering shavings is Tuesday, January 30, 2019. No pre-orders can be taken after that date. You will be able to order additional, shavings, and hay once you arrive at the South Point, during the hours the Feed Store is open.

Early Move-In

Tuesday, February 19, after 4:00 PM

Regular Move-In

Wednesday, February 20, after 8:00 AM

Latest Departure

Thursday, February 28, before 6:00 PM


NOTE: Late stall reservations and late entries pose a serious problem for the show. Data entry for entries needs to be done ahead of time to assure accuracy, and late changes in stalls cause untold issues for the Stall Management personnel. Because these late entries and reservations necessitate many additional hours of work, we have had to add the late fees to cover the overtime costs involved.

Purchase Options

Option 1 - Purchase Online with Credit Card

Select the number of each item you need.
Prices shown here include a 4% processing fee for using a credit card.


The price is the same for horse, tack, or feed stalls. Each stall automatically comes with four bags of shavings and two mats.

Included: four bags of shavings and two mats

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Extra Stall Mats

Your stall price already includes two mats per stall, including tack and feed stalls. Use this only if you need extra mats for your barn. 

$20.80/per additional mat

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Extra Shavings

Extra Shavings can be purchased at South Point

Option 2 - Paper Forms

Print and send forms by Mail, or scan and Email to

Send these form, with payment, to:

Las Vegas Silver Dollar Circuit
4207 East Andrea Drive
Cave Creek, Arizona 85331